LED Lighting

In 2008, Lumica collaborated with OPTILED® to form a dedicated team of specialists in LED Lighting Technology in Singapore. The purpose is to introduce this new & exciting benefit of replacing the conventional general lightings to LEDs in the market. The most energy efficient, eco-friendly, zero UV emission and long lasting lifetime will definitely be paving a new way of illumination into our lifestyle. Since then, we’ve completed projects with flying colors in the field ranging from Public Infrastructure & Facilities, Retail, Hospitality, Commercial Office, Industrial & Residential segment. Lumica is the main sales office for OPTILED® and overseeing sales and distribution across the South East Asia region.

Make the Most of Lights

Lumica believes LED lighting can help companies maximize the potential benefits of LED. By combining the most advanced digital control, thermal management and lighting fixture designs with international quality standards and performance, our LED lighting products provides the most versatile and cost effective solutions in the market.

Integrated Services

We offer a comprehensive chain of services such as helping companies to achieve a Green Mark ratings awarded by Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Lux and Power Budget calculation which are customized to fit your project needs and providing technical support from our team of product specialists.

Eco Friendly and Energy Savings

With the usage of LED lightings, it not only cuts carbon emissions across the globe, it can provide lighting solutions for companies to reduce operating costs and energy consumption.

Lumisign, LED Video Wall and Rental Service

Other than LED lightings, we also have a division that provide sales and rental of LED Video Wall, Lumisign. Founded by an experienced team with more than 20 years of expertise, Lumica is also an established solution provider of LED video wall. Over the years, we serve customers from a diverse range of industries including financial, retail and entertainment sectors as well as Houses of Worship. In addition, our LED video wall are available for rent that serve as a popular solution for trade events and shows, roadshows, exhibitions etc.

Images come alive

Lumisign®, offers a wide selection of programmable Indoor/Outdoor LED advertising display screen. It is combined with high quality components, leading edge calibration and energy saving technology.

Customizable in Size and Pitch

This flexibility enables novel applications in many different sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, houses of worships and much more. Both indoor and outdoor series are available.

24/7 Local Support and quick rectification

We have a team of local engineers that provide technical support and maintenance.

Our Awards

We are capable of product customization to suit your project needs. For further product enquiry, feel free to contact our sales team today!

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