A revolution in LED Linear lighting


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Welcome to CabLED™, the latest in LED lighting solutions from Optiled Lighting. The result of strong R&D efforts combined with Optiled’s profound understanding of market needs, CabLED™ is a revolutionary LED lighting & Wire Technology* designed for indoor and outdoor environments. This LED Light strip allows you to create brilliant lighting in areas you could never illuminate before without the cost of extensive retooling or complex installation procedures.

Flexible and Expandable

CabLED™ uses an unique manufacturing process which can generate far longer sections of lighting – up to 10 meters per single run. This makes the CabLED™ option ideal for architects, designers and lighting engineers looking for greater flexibility and more effective solutions to innovative lighting designs. CabLED™ customizes design that can be cut in various increments and reconnected.

Can be installed anywhere

CabLED™ comes with a complete interconnection and mounting system for both indoor and outdoor which enables it to be mounted on wallboard, concrete, brick, tile, metal, wood, glass or any surface which can support an anchor or adhesive base easily and without installation errors. Customization of IP68 is also available.

Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

Its LEDs uses significantly less energy and generate no harmful Ultra Violet or Infra-Red emissions than traditional light sources. RoHS- compliant: free of mercury and other toxic substances.

Superior Brightness and Quality

Incorporating lighting class LEDs, it meets the most stringent international quality and reliability standards. Up to 35,000 hours of high quality performance- lasts 35 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

Salt Water Resistant

Its salt water resistant feature increased longevity in coastal and marine environments. Suitable for vessel, yatch or boat lightings.

Efficient Thermal Management

Designed for excellent heat dissipation, our LED light strip is a safe and cool lighting solution equipped with refined optical lens. Optiled LED light strip is capable of achieveing best colour consistency up to 35,000 hours of high quality performance.

We are capable of product customization to suit your project needs. For further product enquiry, feel free to contact our sales team today!

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